Why Fathers Need to Get Their Daughters a Drone in 2019

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If you are a loving father to a growing daughter or an older daughter and you want to make her feel special by getting her a drone and you wanna know if that can be a great gift. Then stick with us because this article will tell you why fathers need to get their daughters a drone in 2019.”


Fathers have always had a special connection with their daughters, and we can’t deny how lovely that is. Fathers are considered as protectors, and best friends of daughters and no one can deny that special spark which always remains between this relationship. It is said that a woman’s first love is her father and she continues to look for her father in almost every man she meets in her life. So keeping that in mind, all fathers out there need to make sure that they are expressing their love to their daughters in the right way. So that for tomorrow, their daughters know what they deserve and realize that they are not alone, but their parents are with them. Treating your daughter in a special way can set standards for her.

Drones, as we know, is an ever growing industry. People these days are also too much interested in getting drones both for themselves as well as their kids because of the numerous benefits that they offer. Drones are literally the thing in today’s era. Many individuals, as well as professionals, have started to earn a great deal with the drones. Unfortunately, the number of girls in this specific area is far less than in the others.

The Chicago Drone Racers had demonstrated their skills at the Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire. The members navigated their drones at high speeds with impressive precision. It was all really cool and interesting, but there was something which was missing from the scene, and that was women and girls. Oops! Which is also the top reason fathers should buy drones for their daughters in 2019. Drones also called as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems), and as we discussed earlier they are “hot” right now and that they are not merely a trend anymore, they are an emerging technology that is becoming widely available to its consumers.

So here are some reasons why you should definitely get your daughter a drone if you haven’t already.

Coordination Skills:

By now you must know that with a drone, your children both small or old ages can improve their hand and eye coordination skills. In early ages, this attribute is very sharp since the learning and adaptation of the child is still very sharp. If you train your child with coordination from that age. Imagine how sharp they will be by the time they grow up. This attribute in humans keeps developing and enhancing as the experience and age goes by, but a little practice can take things far far away.

Adding a little more to the information, the hand and eye coordination is working with both your hands and eyes at the same time, thus allowing both movements to be done at the same time effectively. 

Practical Skills:

Practical skills involve mechanical work that your girl can seek from using a drone. If she is small in age, great! She can get a wider image of the mechanical things; her mechanical skills will keep improving as she learns how to fly the drone, how to keep it intact, how to add or remove parts or how to check if her drone is doing okay. All these are the contributing factors to the practical skills she will learn. If she is older, a little knowledge never hurts.

 Photography Game Strong:

If your daughter loves taking pictures or doing such things related to photography then buying her a drone can literally enhance her overall skills in photography. She can go up the skies and ride her drone, take amazing aerial pictures which will bring her a good fortune in the field of photography. Mostly all of the photographers these days use drones to enhance their photography levels, and the rate of their order or their business has increased to a much greater level.

Get Her Something Unique:

Everybody these days owns things like nail polish, makeup, and all those girly things, not many girls are into things that are mechanical. If you want your daughter to grow unique and be much different in the world or you find her to be the type that’s different than buying her a drone will add more meaning to what she is doing. It will also make her feel that what she has no one has. Fathers mostly give their girls girly gifts. Get her a drone and surprise her.

Boost Up Her Business Skills:

Your daughter can start a small business with her drone. She can inspect buildings for people or get people photos. She can be a freelance drone pilot and what not. You can literally enhance her business skills if you buy her a drone.

Get Her Away From Spending Time In Front Of Screens:

Spending time on different screens like TVs,Laptops, and mobiles can cause a lot of damage to the eyes and also ruin the social skills of many people. It can also cause an impact on physical health and can contribute to ruining the posture if you do it for longer intervals of time. Obesity due to spending time near the screens is so common these days. Give your daughter a drone and have her go out in the open, spend more time in nature and grow a healthy mind. It is one of the top reasons why father needs to buy their daughters a drone in 2019.

Give Her a Taste Of Challenge:

If your daughter is all into taking challenges and going on various adventures that are related to taking challenges then what you can do is allow her to take these challenges and up her challenge game by gifting her a drone and watch her take new turns.

She Will Never Need Exercise:

Since flying a drone is physical and mental work it keeps you active, thus giving your daughter a drone will allow her to walk by her drone as she flies it. This will engage her in physical activity, so she will never have to consider doing an exercise. Obesity is becoming quite a big problem these days, and it is causing a lot of problems in both children and adults. Also, the fact that children have nothing to do makes them lazy, and they tend to gain weight. With a drone, she will be on her feet and doing at least some activity. 

Why Fathers Need to Get Their Daughters a DroneGive Her A Future:

Now we have discussed just how drones are not just objects for flying anymore. They are an industry and the industry in an industry. Lucky for your daughter is it not? Now she can have a future in the drone industry. There are so many people who are earning a great deal of money in the drone industry. Some are doing it via professional photography; others are doing it with the help of ads. There is literally so much your little one can do with a drone and earn herself a great deal of fortune if she is passionate about it.

Make Her Feel Special:

Last but not least, once in a while, your little girl deserves to feel special and loved. The occasion may or may not matter. You can give her a drone as a gift on Christmas, or you can give it to her on her graduation, you can give it to her on her birthday or simply give it to her because she is your daughter and you love her. Tell her you are always here for her. It will make her feel both special and loved and build confidence in her. Gifts are always a key to strengthen the connection and show someone that you feel something special for her. If you were looking for an opportunity. Then here it is.

Drones For Girls:

Drone for girls is just the same as that for the guys, except that it can be more colorful and have cool designs.

What to Look For In A Drone ( For Starters) :

  • Well first of all, for girls, you need to be able to look for something which is not just easy to handle but also easy to use and easy to take with yourself. Unless of course, your girl is a pro at drones, get her a professional drone. If your girl is a child, then get her a small sized drone. If she is a little older let’s say 12, mini-drones with cameras will work better, much better.
  • You need something easy to use, pretty much something that comes right out of the package.
  • Some drones also come with spare parts or certain part guarantees because the one real guarantee is that newbies are much more prone to crashing. And the chances are pretty high.
  • According to a general rule, more expensive drones are much easier to be controlled. If you want your girl to get hooked on flying a drone, then you do not want the learning curve to be too steep.
  • NOTE:- Keep it Legal:
  • If you somehow think this is, 2013, then you are wrong, as drones have proliferated, so have the number of laws regulating them, and you must make sure to check the laws in your area because if you fly a drone that comes into the law without knowing the law. You are destined to get into trouble you were never looking for. So always take safety measures before the flight. Make sure to weigh your drone and if it weighs more than 0.5 pounds. You need to check for rules in your area.
  • Also, make sure you are getting the drone from a reliable source, there are so many drone companies out there that claim they sell the ideal drone ever, but in reality, there is always a problem, those drones do not go as far as they have promised. Instead, they lack the features that they promise. In that case, what you can do is make sure you purchase a drone from a reliable source. It can be in any of your nearest markets or an online store which is reliable. Make sure to check out the product reviews and do your research before buying the drone. Also, look for an authentic manufacturer since many drones do not deliver things as per their promise on the package or description.

Conclusion Why Fathers Need to Get Their Daughters a Drone:

We hope that you enjoyed our article on Why Fathers need to get their Daughters a Drone in 2019 and found it equally informative. Let us know what you think in the comments bar below

Also, tell us if your daughter owns a drone?

Until next time, with another amazing article, off we go.

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