Top 12 Micro Quadcopters: Nano Drones [2020 Updated]

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You might have heard so many people say the phrase; you get what you pay for. The phrase is no falsification. However, when it comes to the drones with multi-rotor, the case is a little different, you can have a lot of fun with these Nano Drones Quadcopters as compared to their bigger brothers.

The best thing about Nano drones is that when you take them up in the air, you do not have to worry about them crashing. You can be okay even if they crash. Why? Because they are super affordable and you can easily buy yourself another one. On the contrary, not everyone can afford the high-end drones that are worth $3000 and have them crashed, then go purchase new ones. It’s not so simple for everybody unless you are Bill Gates or Kanye (In Debt) of course. You can never be so relaxed while flying these high-end drones.

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To get an experience of a high end like or larger drone, one can go as low as $15. Yes! You heard that right! These smaller drones can cost as low as $15 and give you a great experience. You can still feel the thing you feel with larger and more expensive drones in a price that’s less or affordable. In this case, mostly the drones can of nanoscale or microscale which means that they are mostly up to 250 nm or even lesser than that.

Right below, we have brought to you pure mini-reviews about the Top 12 Micro Quadcopters of 2020 which are less expensive and much more fun, bringing ease in the flight and happiness on minds that are free without the worry of crashing. Each one is different from the other on the list which is why you can choose from any of the ones which suit you the most. Some of these drones can only fly indoors, which means you can take a break with it and have a quick flight around the room with it. Others are usually towards the larger end of the scale; they can handle the outdoors and a bit of light breeze.


Let’s get going.


1.Editor’s Choice: Rabing Mini FPV RC Drone Rabing Mini FPV RC Drone


Rabing is among the first truly fresh drones that came out in the nano and mini categories for a very long time. It is beautifully packed with accessories and comes at the right price. It also is one of the complete budget drones ever seen. Firstly, it has a foldable unit, which makes it pretty portable. Secondly, it provides live FPV transmission to your smartphone, which has a holder on the radio transmitter. If you like to, you can even let go of the controller and fly it with your tablet as well as your phone controls.

The app of this mini-drone has a split VR mode, which means that if you have those Google Cardboard enclosures, you sure as hell can experience true FPV. It’s mind-blowing that you can actually get FPV for this little money. It feels like only yesterday when you had to sell a kidney for the cheapest FPV system.
The flight time is also pretty good on this one; it goes between 7 to 10 minutes. You get the battery capacity of a larger drone, but a small drone’s portability thanks to the folding nature of this drone. To add more cherry on top, it only takes 30 minutes charge, which is a lot better than the normal time taken by drones.
The Rabing Drone feels like it is the true evolution of the nano/mini-drone product category. It is a real high-tech drone sold at a price which is laughably low. To add more, it is also successful in the most important aspect of a drone: it flies so well. Most beginners have reported how this little guy has given them no trouble. It is hard to find any reason not to recommend this nano drone.


2. The Holy Stone HS170 PredatorHoly Stone HS170 Predator Nano Drones Micro Quadcopter

The Holy Stone is one of the few quadcopters in this very price. It is something that speaks for itself; it can be flown outdoors in windy kind of conditions. You also might be able to find the HS170 too big to fly indoors comfortably, so keep that in mind.
This drone has decent-looking rotor guards, LED lighting, as well as color-coded front and rear rotors, so the orientation should not be an issue on this one. In case it is, there is a headless flight mode available on this drone which can be very useful for the beginners or in case your drone gets so far away that you can’t tell which end is which.

Another great thing is that this quad has a removable battery, which means you can fly it as much as you like instead of spending on batteries.




The fun part about this drone is just how it is painted to look like a giant bee. Striking and eye-catching yet very elegant to look at, so no matter who you are, you have to agree that this drone is a deal breaker in terms of price.

This drone has a built-in camera for FPV flight; you can use your smartphone as the receiver that is clipped to the transmitter. There is no need to use the TX, you can just use the phone as a controller, and either uses onscreen virtual joysticks, or you can also go to use gyro controls. We also have a headless mode which is great for beginners who lack focus on orientation.

The HASAKEE H1 had a 3.7V 450 mAh battery.



4. EACHINE E010 Mini UFO QuadEACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quad

You will love just how this one looks; it is fuselage with a little mock cockpit which gives it the appearance of those futuristic flying sports cars. It does not matter functionally what it looks like, but it is just a cool little design.

The radio transmitter of this drone has the same old shell we have been seeing in a whole host of nano quadcopters such as the Revell XS. While the shell and sticks are the same the internals, the available buttons do differ from one brand to another brand. The good news regarding this drone is that the ergonomics of this remote are pretty good and it can be adjusted in the pocket.


5. Syma X5C QuadcopterSyma X5C Micro Quadcopter Nano Drones


When it comes to the price, the X5C is no more expensive than a decent drone of a smaller size, so it is still a “nano” in the category of price. In terms of design, the X5C is pretty conventional; it has a plain X-shaped frame and no clear nose or tail. You can also notice the camera blister which is pretty conservative.

Because of its slightly greater size, the X5C offers for a longer flight time than a typical nano drone. The claimed time of flight is seven minutes rather than five, but this drone also takes 100 minutes to fully charge. The X5C is also equipped with an HD-Resolution camera to give you the best.



6. The Hubsan X4 H107C Micro Quadcopter

 Hubsan X4 H107C Micro Quadcopter Nano Drones

The legendary Hubsan X4 does not need any introduction, but in case you are completely new to the drone knowledge, this is the quadcopter that gets listed time and time again as one of the best quadcopters to use for mastering your piloting skills. This drone might not even be the best in every regard, but it is just an all-around, solid product that is friendly to the beginners. However, it really lets you do your thing as your skills grow.

The X4 is known for its good power level, with the tiny motors that give a surprising level of acceleration and speed.



7. TOZO Q2020 Review

TOZO Q2020 Review

Tozo is a name of the class; it is one of the most influential drones on our list of Top 12 Micro Quadcopters: Nana Drones 2019

TOZO has a sensor that allows for holding the attitude. Kids these days don’t know what it is like to constantly adjust the throttle for maintaining a steady hover. This will help.

This also has an auto-flipping function, and it supports the headless mode, which means that you can stave off having to get your head around the orientation.

TOZO takes 60 minutes to recharge the battery pack which is good.



8. Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone

Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone One of the drones which are keeping up with the advancements is Syma X20. It is still preferred in the market when it comes to nano drones.

The X20 allows for about 5 minutes of flight time of a 50-minute charge via the USB which is not too bad, but it does suck knowing that the battery is built-in and therefore you can charge up only a bunch.

The X20 is so cheap that you could buy more than one of them.



9. EACHINE E52 FPV Selfie Drone

EACHINE E52 FPV Selfie Drone

EACHINE is the drone of the now, something that is impressing people so badly they love it so much. This drone looks suspiciously like the DJI Spark which is taking the world by storm.

It is an FPV drone that let you use your phone as the video receiver. The phone can simply slot into the clip on the radio transmitter, and you are good to go. You, of course, need the right app, but once you have got the setup locked down it is just straightforward.



10. The Cheerson CX-10 Mini

The Cheerson CX-10 Mini

CX-10 is one of the first “proper” cheap quadcopters. When we say cheap, we mean cheap. You can get this mini-drone for about $15, which means that you can get three of them for our $50 budget and still have enough left over cash for transmitter batteries, which are not included in it, by the way.

You get the quadcopter itself at just over an inch in the diameter; you get a spare set of rotors as well as a USB charger. Just as most Nanos the battery of this drone is also not removable, but with these teeny, tiny motors it probably is not even good to have lots of consecutive flights anyway

The charge time of this mini-drone is about 30 to 40 minutes, and that gives one a good reason to buy a couple of these if you don’t want your fun to be interrupted.



11. The Syma X9 Quadcopter Car

The Syma X9 Quadcopter Car

In terms of an RC car, this drone looks pretty good, especially the all black version. According to buyer’s it drives and flies excellent. The total battery life of Syma X9 is about 8 minutes, although it is not mentioned how much of it is in the air and how much is on the land.

Fortunately, there are two batteries included as standard in this drone, so you can get about 16 minutes out in the air before heading out to recharge.



12. UDI RC U839 Nano Quadcopter Review

UDI RC U839 Nano Quadcopter Review

This quadcopter from UDI gives us quite an interesting idea. It comes with two battery packs, but one of them goes in the quad, and the other one goes in the actual transmitter. You will love the orange color of this quadcopter.

It is lightweight and durable. It also comes with a rotor guard frame, which is a good choice for both the beginners and narcoleptic. It has great specs for the price and can also do 360 rolls, this quadcopter will fly for 5-7 minutes, and it also tends to have a control range of about 100 feet.



13. (Bonus)The Syma X11C Mini Drone

The Syma X11C Mini Drone

Syma X11C is always aimed squarely at the Hubsan X4 H107C, and this is compared a lot to it. It becomes one of the top 2 priorities of the buyer when selecting a drone mostly. Even though this one is a little more expensive than the X4, but it has an amazing 2MP camera instead of the X4’s 0.3 MP job.

This quadcopter can basically do everything the X4 can, but it tends to trump it in some areas. It is a pretty tough choice, but on paper, we think that the X11C is without any doubt the one to go for.


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Top 12 Micro Quadcopters: Nano Drones 2019


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