The Next Generation of Firefighters: Drones

Microsoft and DJI have teamed up to work on AI Drones that can recognize objects
Microsoft and DJI have teamed up to work on AI Drones that can recognize objects
May 21, 2019
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June 10, 2019
The Next Generation of Firefighters: Drones

Ever since drones have evolved, firefighting has been taken to the next generation with the help of them. People in the old days used to use ladders, ropes, and hoses to save lives, extinguish fires and save physical properties. Now there are drones fighting fire, taking things to the next level. No doubt that with the latest technology in hand, drones are becoming better and better as days pass and new evolution between them are occurring, which is leaving all of us speechless. Drone are The Next Generation of Firefighters.

Firefighting is a job that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to be focused and remain attentive all the time. Focusing on setting down the fire is the major goal which requires strategy and much stealth. You also need to be attentive towards your safety as you put the fire out as well. Why should you not? You’re dealing with fire.

Drones in this specific scenario have proved to be quite helpful over the course of a few years. Many have declared them as the next generation of firefighters due to their spectacular activities in putting out fires. With the advancements in the drone industry, such drones are also being made that are specially designed to put out the fire. Other than that, drones are also used to see the extent and rate of fire, and so much more is being done with the help of drones in the firefighting scenarios. Drones have now become so popular that almost all the firefighting departments have at least one as a must have

Today’s article is all about the drones: the next generation of firefighters. To know more about how drones help in firefighting. Stay with us. 

How Can Drones Help Tackle Huge Fires?

Currently, about 910 state and local police, sheriff, fire, and emergency service agencies in the United States have acquired drones fighting fire to help fight the fire.

The question of how drones can help tackle huge fires remains. The answer to this question can easily be given in a few points below to make it clear and understandable to everyone as to how drones can help tackle huge fires.

  • Drones are magnificent creations made by the man, due to their small size, they can reach places which are not easily accessible to the man or through let’s say helicopters.
  • Drone Firefighters can reach places where there is fire or smoke. You do not need humans to go out there and fight the fire. Places where there is fog, and you cannot use a helicopter or anything else; a drone can go there with its GPS technology and stabilize the situation for you.
  • Drones can also help in tackling huge fires by helping people see the unseen. Let’s say there is a place where you cannot go, simply because there is much fire or smoke out there, how drones can help tackle huge fires in this situation is to go to a certain place which cannot be accessible to humans. Let’s say a room inside a house with the whole place burning and no means to reach it. A drone can go there and allow you to see the whole scenario and even put out the fire.
  • When dealing with a structure fire, drones fighting fire can help by providing key information about the exits as well as the entry points and also in revealing information about the nature of the fire which cannot otherwise be possible to gather.
  • Firefighters don’t only fight fires.UAVs can also help firefighters with a quick, safe way to capture information that involves catastrophic events like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. This early information helps the incident commanders and emergency managers in understanding the magnitude of community impact on the infrastructure of a building, road conditions, and living conditions. This information can help to determine what additional resources are needed from FEMA, neighboring communities, or other organizations.
  • Using thermal cameras from drones fighting fire, firefighters can help in finding people who might be trapped on the upper story of a building, or in a wildfire, and focus their efforts on saving them.
  • Firefighters are also using drones for making emergency deliveries in disastrous situations and carrying items like Automated External Defibrillators.
  • Drone firefighters are also very good for surveillance of fiery places which are risky to go to as well. I mean who needs helicopters when you have a drone that can give you the surveillance of a whole situation. Thermal cameras are used with drones to identify fire sources and hot spots; Infrared cameras are used to detect humans and animals.
  • Many extinguishing agents are mounted with drones including powder, foam, water as well as specialized liquids to put out the fire, they are mounted with the drones and are dropped at the exact spot of fire, the drone then leaves as an extinguishing explosion according to the fire’s intensity occurs to put out the fire. When it is water, a supporting container is brought by, and water is sprayed from a firefighting drone held up in the air to prevent fire.

So How Exactly Are Drones Becoming the Next Generation Firefighters?

In many places, drones are helping out a lot with putting out fires and helping firefighters achieve things large equipment or people cannot do. Currently, in the US almost 910 state and local police, sheriff offices, fire, and emergency service agencies are owning drones to help make things better and convenient and also to put out the fire in many regions and guess what? It takes half the amount of time as it normally would. Also with drones, you can pick out a much better strategy and effectively combat the fire.

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris just a few days ago was the site of a raging fire on Monday, April 15 and it suffered unknown amount of damage as the building is being assessed. The damage could have been worse if it was not for the use of drones to assist firefighting efforts. The French firefighters used two DJI drones which were equipped with cameras for helping gauge the scene and to effectively position the fire hoses to combat the blaze, as reported by French newspaper Le Parisien. Gabriel Plus, who happens to be the bureau chief for the Parisian Fire Brigade had confirmed to the local media outlet France Info that the drones helped firefighters’ attempt to minimize the damage being done to the 850-year old cathedral. It is remarkable how the firefighters were able to use so much help just because there were drones present on the scenario. They were able to make effective strategic plans that helped in putting out the Notre Dame Fire. Many of the firefighting groups are now making more and more use of drones to respond to emergencies efficiently and safely.

Moreover, drones fighting fire also have helped a lot in putting out the California wildfires. A string of devastating wildfires was raged across California in late 2018 that lead to what is likely called as the state’s worst season in history. Under a week, California managed to put out the single deadliest fire in its history after battling the blaze for a whole of 14 days. California state officials had reported 85 civilian deaths. In these hard times, drones helped the Californian firefighting teams a lot by letting them have proper surveillance of the area as well as by putting out the fire.  They helped locate objects, people, make strategies to out the fire and gave amazing surveillance, pretty much all drones could have done to put out the fire. Many officials are onboard with the idea that drones should now be used commonly to put out fires and that they should be made available to all fire departments so that things can be made easier.

The Future of Drone Firefighters:

Many people throughout the world are taking interests in helping to create new technology firefighting drones to upgrade firefighting accessories and make things much easier for firefighters. Drones fighting the fire can prove to be a lot convenience and can go to the places that are not easily accessible. To bring such drones into the community, many companies are trying to create better versions of firefighting drones. We are hoping that this continuous effort will not go wasted and we’ll soon be able to make something better out of this to help the community. Some news and progress related to the future of drone firefighters shared below.

The Next Generation of Firefighters: Drones Developed for Firefighting

China has developed new generation drones to help fight fires, and we could not be more surprised. This high-level technology was developed after a lot of trials and errors to bring out the best. The equipment was developed by Henan Predator Firefighting Technology and was displayed at the 13th China Henan International Investment and Trade Fair.Thermal Vision The Next Generation of Firefighters

The Predator-100 firefighting drone has a maximum load of 100 kg and has a four-hour endurance. A supporting vehicle was also created along which can store 2,000 liters of highly-efficient fire extinguishing chemicals (liquid) and can efficiently firefight even the tallest of buildings.

The Next Generation of Firefighters: UAE’s plan to Develop a Next Generation Fire Fighting Drone

UAE scientists are working on making drones lighter, stronger and weather-resistant for helping in tackling the fire from skyscraper buildings as well as the fog. Many researchers at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi suggest that a sandwich-style” structure for drones can help lower the weight of a drone without compromising on the strength. This allows drones to swoop in during emergencies more efficiently.

There have been fires in some of the UAE’s high-rise towers; the 79-story Torch tower was one among them which suffered from blazes in 2015 and 2017.

The Next Generation of Firefighters: Latvian company Aerones Developed Firefighter Drone Prototype

Latvian company Aerones has developed a firefighter drone prototype which can effectively climb a total of 984 feet (300 meters) in six minutes. It not only exceeds the reach of normal ladders that are typically no longer than 100 feet or 29 meters but also reach the speed of ascent that a human firefighter can reach.

The Aerones drone has 20 minutes of air time, which can be extended with the help of a tethered power supply or in-air recharging. It can achieve proximity to a fire, about 98 feet.

Limitations Firefighting Drones Can Face

Even though firefighting drones are the game changers, they too face a couple of limitations that are in our knowledge. Hopefully, steps will be taken to overcome or at least minimize them.

Battery Life: Just like the regular drones, battery capacity is still the main limiting factor with the drone firefighters. The increased air time and extinguisher agent payload cause many hurdles; many companies are looking at developing hybrid engines and in-air recharging methods.


Temperature can also be a factor in deteriorating many drones which is why care needs to be taken.

The Next Generation of Firefighters: Final Verdict

We hope that you found this article on drones: the next generation of firefighters full of information. Hopefully, by now, you would have information that you needed to know everything about this new idea that is changing how people dealt with fiery situations in the past.

Drones can be the game changers in helping to put out fires. They can be of great help and convenience to the firefighting departments throughout the world. Let’s hope that better strategies are eliminated and advanced firefighting drones are brought into the market so they can be easily available.

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