The Latest Drone by Parrot Expecting to Target Professionals with Thermal Camera

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We all by now know Parrot as one of the most popular companies in the drone market so far. This French-based drone making company has produced quality drones over decades and earnt a fine name in the drone industry. Many people literally swear by a parrot. Whenever we hear Parrot, the first thing that comes to mind is drones and then the headphones because of the amount of popularity that this brand received from the public. Every year, hundreds of fans wait for another latest model to come out so that they can purchase it and enjoy much advanced technology. With that being said, this French making company, Parrot, has decided to take things another step up and launch their very new drone.

The company, Parrot’s, ANAFI line of drones is probably one of the best-positioned drones that go head to head with the Chinese Company, Da-Jiang Innovations also known as DJI, successful drone line called Mavic. However, Parrot is trying to take things further into action by trying to innovate ideas and go beyond the line of just hobbyists and consumers. They are trying to upgrade and go beyond the limits.

Thermal Camera Drones

This drone’s (system) has its primary difference from all other products in the line in terms of the inclusion of the titular thermal camera which was designed by Flir. The ANAFI Thermal is capable of capturing live images which layer the thermal as well as the high-resolution images.

With this technology, the French company Parrot is keeping their hopes high, and they are planning to open up a drone which offers a wide range of fields that use this latest technology for many things which can include both surveillance as well as inspection. The list of potential use cases includes firefighters, solar panel inspections and building industry/construction workers, can take care and look for things such as insulation and thermal leakages in parts of bigger buildings.

This latest drone, ANAFI, also includes an amazing and modern 4K HDR camera which has a 21-megapixel sensor and 3-times digital zoom, it is mounted on a gimbal that is capable of being tilted at 90 degrees both up as well as down. Even the last bit should also prove to be helpful for things such as building inspections.

The batteries of this drone, meanwhile, are a little better than any of the recent models, at 26 minutes. The drone comes along with three of them.
The ANAFI Thermal is expected to make its arrival for the next month, this modern and latest technology drone comes at $1,900 which is fairly moderate for high-end drones these days. Parrot is really hoping that ANAFI will be their massive hit of the year and that it will leave behind the rest of the drones in the market both in terms of performance and its outclassed features. It will surely be hit, and we cannot wait to test this drone! Parrot is trying their best to pitch in this drone to businesses and professionals in fields such as security, search and rescue, construction, as well as agriculture. As discussed earlier, Anafi thermal also tends to have a price that is quite more than the previous one, Anafi that came out earlier with a price range of $700.

Inside the box of Anafi, thermal will include

  • A set of two spare batteries
  • A multi-battery charger
  • A controller
  • A carrying case


“Brace yourself to witness the ultimate magic as the Anafi thermal releases this May.”

This latest yet to come drone, Anafi Thermal uses a FLIR Lepton infrared sensor alongside its standard camera which was debuted on last year’s drone. This means it will still be able to shoot the regular 4K videos, HDR+, both the photos as well as the videos; also it has a 3X zoom. It will come with all of the other shooting modes and features which have been added to the device over time with the help of software updates. The Anafi Thermal also is composed of slightly slimmer folding arms; the best part is the weight, it weighs about 315 grams, which is about 10 grams lighter than the original version of ANAFI that was released last year. Parrot says this adds a total of one minute of flight time for a total of 26 minutes.

Parrot helped in the launch of the consumer’s drone market with its run of AR Drone Quadcopter over nine years ago. But after that, it has struggled to keep up with the behemoth that is China’s DJI. The original Anafi was a very clear try to offer to give as portable and powerful as DJI’s Mavic lineup of drones, even though the results were quite mixed up when it was reviewed last summer. Anafi Thermal is a great attempt to crack a different and more specific market, and still proving the Anafi as a “platform” of a kind that could see other iterations over the coming years.

We hope that the thermal camera turns out to be as successful as the Parrot has tried hard to turn it into. The overall idea and the performance of the camera seems to be something that is quite stable and interesting. However, the real stats will be done as soon as the phone’s come out by various different niche drone owners when they present their views and ideas related to the ANAFI drone. Even though the price margin does prick us a little bit, the overall features look like they are compensating for it. This drone will not be an easy catch to buy which is why its performance will matter a lot to the people out there, and many people will be needed to present their opinions on it. The game will be tough because there are already enough drones on the market that prove to give excellent performance.

Let us wait till May and See which way things go for the ANAFI Thermal Drone.

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