Read How New Integration Program is Dramatically Improving Public Safety

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How New Integration Program is Dramatically Improving Public Safety

Cape, which happens to be the leading cloud platform for drone telepresence as well as data management, and the Mexico City Police Department (SSP CDMX) announced that they would be launching their drone deployment program earlier today. They also said that as part of the program, the drones which are equipped with the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform would be integrated into daily operations to effectively improve the overall aerial intelligence that includes supporting security efforts at large public events like the rallies, concerts, stadium productions, and many other special events.

To add more to this, the drones which are equipped with Cape Aerial Telepresence will be providing emergency response support for the local SSP CDMX SWAT operations. This year-long program will mainly be focusing on the increasing operational efficiency as well as the safety of both the SSP CDMX officers and the greater community.

We all know that Mexico City is the center of attention now and then especially because it is the capital of Mexico as well as it is the most populated city in the continent of North America with more than 8.8 million residents. Mexico City is also filled with its rich ancient history and its culture which has been attracting millions of tourists every year. Keeping this in mind, steps are always taken for the priority of improving the safety of Mexico City residents as well as its most desired tourists. This program is especially designed to enable SSP CDMX officers to launch drones throughout the city and then teleoperate each drone directly from the command center directly to the location where the emergency call is coming from. Sounds amazing?

With access to the drone’s live feed, the responding officers will be able to get a live view of the entire scene before their arrival to determine needed resources in a much better and efficient way, it is also done to improve the overall situational awareness which is very much necessary these days, especially in crowded cities and areas.


“Edgar Isaac Martinez who happens to be the Director of Cyber Security and Intelligence, Department of Intelligence and Information, Mexico City Police Department said that the safety of their residents, their visitors, and their first responders are always their top priority,”

He also added that with the Cape technology their team can gain a level of visibility that was never possible before, thus helping to not only drive operational efficiencies but enabling them to protect and serve their community in a better way. He added that they are proud to be among the early adopters of drone telepresence in North America, and also to be working in partnership with the most trusted drone software partner in overall space.”



With the launch of this partnership, many new drones will be updated in a much better way and to bring the best. Three of the DJI Matrice 200 drones with three Z30 and one XT thermal camera (all equipped with the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform) shall be integrated into the SSP CDMX daily operations.

This program also offers a comprehensive drone solution, thus giving officers access to not only advanced equipment but also to the training, technical support, as well as to the ongoing maintenance to efficiently improve agency operations and safety measures.


Chris Rittler, the CEO of Cape said that without any doubt, he thinks that Mexico has become a leader in the drone innovation for the safety of the public. Thus it is setting a precedent for what drone telepresence can do for agencies all around the world. In this era, drones provide a level of aerial visibility and intelligence which was previously not possible or either not in access, for many agencies, or either they would come at a steep cost with limited impact. He added that they are excited to work in partnership with the SSP CDMX for improving the safety of largest City in North America’s and they also know that Mexico City will serve as a model for other agencies across Mexico and also around the entire globe without any doubt.”


As a part of this program, Cape and SSP CDMX are partnering with Grupo Leobe, a systems integrator as well as a public safety solutions provider. Throughout their partnership, Grupo Leobe will be providing access to the extensive hardware and the equipment for supporting the full integration of Cape-enabled drones and also to maximize the impact of the SSP CDMX program further.


“Leonel Aguirre, CEO of Grupo Leobe S.A de C.V said that they are excited to work in partnership with Cape over this very public safety project for SSP CDMX. With no doubt, they will contribute to a large extent with their comprehensive solution, which will result in improving the security of the largest city in North America. He also added that they know how Mexico City will serve as a model for other agencies throughout Mexico as well as around the world.”


Mexico City has this marked the latest municipality to tap Cape technology for improving the safety of the public. It also builds on other successful programs across the city of Mexico; this includes the beautiful and breezy city of Ensenada which is one of the famous and tourist attractive cities in Mexico. There Cape-has enabled drones that are used to reduce the city crime rate by 10 percent, and it also improves the emergency response times by a great margin of 90 percent.

Since it has been a leader ever since in the commercial drone software space, cape happens to be one of the first and only companies in the U.S. to be awarded the precedent-setting waivers under both Section 333 and Part 107 regulations, and it has also performed more than 100,000 flights in the United States, Middle East, Mexico itself, as well as Australia.

We cannot wait for this project to be launched since it seems like a major hit which will not only be a source of safety but also bring prosperity and happiness all around the city. Mexico City without any doubt is one of the busiest cities, and thus it needed something like this to add more safety to it which is also accessible easily, keeping the length in mind.

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