How Drones Evolved: A Brief History

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How Drones Evolved A Brief History

You might just be thinking of getting a drone after hearing about how amazing it is, to take some amazing pictures and shoot videos on the upcoming trip that you will take or, you might be thinking to take those amazing and romantic wedding shots or simply getting it for leisure. Well, we recommend you to think on a bigger level. Think about all the things that you could do with drones and change your life. Drones can literally be life changing; all it takes is how you think and how you idealize them. Take an idea relating to drones and turn it into something you can do not just for fun. Did you know that you can do many amazing things with drones, for instance, what if your drone could monitor crops and other types of fields for you instead of only taking your pictures? Or what if it could point out the differences between buildings and tell how they are flawed. What if your drone can fix those flaws as soon as it sees them or what if it could water those crops as soon as it spotted them?

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Drones tend to have a disruptive potential which is hard to overstate just the way those self-driving cars are able to change the way that cities work. Drones can literally change the ways in which people or even goods are transported. Let’s be honest where ever we are going; roads are the last thing we need. All jobs are being eliminated, and they are being replaced by others which are much modified and convenient. Drones can do a lot of the stuff and make lives so much convenient, for instance, drones can bring internet to those people who do not have it, they can also deliver food and medicine to those people who need it, and also cast a watchful eye over anyone and everyone. Nowadays, drones have even started to become an inspiration in the field of sports. This nascent industry has hence provided a helpful reminder that both the regulators as well as the inventors are needed to work together in order to make technology function really well because there are some serious and scary downsides to a world where drones are filling the sky. Both these industries if work together can actually bring a lot of conveniences and enhance many things that come under the sports category.

At this point in our lives, we’re at the very beginning of the drone revolution which is expected to change the entire world with the speed that it is evolving. The GoPro sticking off the bottom of a Phantom or any other drone let’s say is an early version of something which is going to be much smarter, much faster, and even more thoughtful than what it is right now. Nobody has an idea of how these drones in entire will cause an influence into our lives in the near future. However, what we know is that the self-driving vehicles will be in the sky long before they are a commonplace on land and what happens up there might also be as important as what is happening down on the earth. The future is in every way very exciting when it comes to drones, and we just cannot wait for it to happen right before our eyes.

You might be thinking about how drones came all this way here, how they evolved and what the revolution was like. Well in this article, you will know exactly how drones evolved and what their future is. Stay with us to know more

The First Drones

The thing that we call a drone, these days falls into many interesting places, it’s not just something that you take flying, it is divided into a couple of broad categories. First one is the fully autonomous vehicle which flies around without the need for any human at all. The second category that drone can be divided into is a little different from the first. The pilot is in charge, he is watching the drone from a distance as in maintaining eye contact, or you are watching it on a computer system. but the drone, like the other categories, is How Drones Evolved: A Brief Historycompletely free to fly by itself. Both of these categories have different potentials, different working, and mechanisms. But they fall into the category of drones. For this article, we will be considering both of them.

We all know just how drones and the main idea that they share has been around the globe for centuries in one form or the other. The whole concept does not come out as something that is entirely strange or new. We have been inventing many cool ways to keep enjoying the aerial experiences, however many of these are quite dangerous. So wouldn’t it be amazing if humans did not need to be sitting inside? We could take an example of Nikola Tesla’s 1898 demonstration of “tele automation,” in which he remotely controlled a small boat over the radio frequencies or that of Charles Kettering, who happened to build the “Kettering Bug,” which was in the era of World War I automated missile. It could also have been the Queen Bee, which was the first reusable unmanned aerial vehicle, which was used by the British army in the 1930s for military target practice.

Whatever the plan was in the start, drones remained for primary military uses since the start and were used by the military men. They were used as perfect tools for the sake of surveillance, due to their small nature and size they could pass by any place without even being noticed. If the drones were detected and destroyed, you only had the option to make another one. Later on, many soldiers started to attach bombs to the drones, and they increased in size. Those bombs would then be thrown over the enemy territory to finish things off in one go. The Predator drone was conceived in the 1990s and was flown for millions of hours since that time; it has changed the way in which the US fights its wars, both for the better as well as for, the worse. It keeps the US troops out of danger, not only does it do that but it also removes them from those in-the-moment decisions of war. The strikes made by the predator are very precise, but they have killed hundreds of people. Drone warfare is hotly debated since its inception, it is both a technological debate as well as a moral debate, and it is kind of a Trolley Problem for the skies.

How Drones Evolved A Brief History 1When it comes to the consumer side, drones took their initial ride from a community of remote-control airplane fliers. In the late 2000s, some of the drone hobbyists figured out that their phones contained all the parts that were needed to make a kickass autopilot system, so they started to rig their phones to their planes and let each one pilot the other. Many others invested in the individual parts that included an accelerometer for measuring movement, a gyroscope for the directional orientation, a small processor which kept everything running straight into their devices. Due to the rapid improvement in phones, these parts were becoming cheaper and even better, they were also more battery-friendly. Almost very soon after all this, anyone who owned a basic coding knowledge and had an afternoon to spare could buy a kit to make their very own drone.

Smartphone Parts Included in Your Drones

  • A Gyroscope
    It is a small sensor which used to detect to which direction your device.
  • Accelerometer
    It is a small motion detector which can easily measure just how fast you are moving and in what direction.
  • A GPS
    If it was not for all those satellites, your drone would probably have no idea where it is or where it is heading which is why GPS is so important.
  • A Processor
    It is a computer which makes everything work. It gets faster and more power efficient each annum. Also, the same companies that make them are making drone-specific ones as well.
  • Camera
    Every improvement in both resolution and computation also tends to make your drone much smarter, safer, and more autonomous.

Just a few years back, nobody would even have thought that drones will be considered regular person toys. A few buyable products still cost a lot of money and also required a Ph.D. degree to fly; they were only used for things like filming blockbuster movies. Later in 2010, Parrot showed up at CES and wowed the technology industry conference with the AR Drone. Parrot’s quadcopter was controlled with the help of an iPhone or iPod Touch; it had cameras on the front and back for capturing aerial footage, it also transformed piloting a drone into something like an augmented reality game. The AR Drone was most importantly easy to fly. Parrot also included all those smartphone sensors and used them to program the AR Drone in order to keep itself stable. The drone still needed to be directed around, but it kept itself steady which was amazing and huge at the same time.

Later, it was 2013 that brought consumer drones to reality. That was when a company called Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co. Ltd, famously known as DJI, introduced the Phantom. DJI had spent the  previous few years building the software it hoped would be a source of power to a lot of drones, but they found the hardware wanting. So the CEO Frank Wang and his team made their own: a white 2.2-pound quadcopter which was designed to be ready to fly out of the box. The Phantom could perform cleverly preprogrammed stunts as well as many camera tricks with the touch of a single button, and even if you screwed up, it was programmed to automatically fly back to its original region. DJI made the first drone which was a combination of a toy as well as a tool. This immediately made DJI one of the most important names in drones.

Ever since the first Phantom came, everything has changed. Drone companies have developed new and much better drones with amazing features; better cameras also came along, as well as new and better safety elements. Some of these people made bigger drones that could carry better cameras or even carry small packages while on the other hand, others made tiny drones like toys which cost less than a Lightning cable. One can easily purchase a drone that works underwater or takes off from the back of a dune buggy. Drones also started to gain the ability to automatically avoid obstacles, to stay steady in strong winds due to modern technology and they also could fly further, higher and for longer. At present, you can get a drone with a 4K camera, 30 minutes of battery life, as well as a range of more than four miles, which can hover autonomously and can also avoid obstacles without your help, all this for almost $1,000.

So what manufacturer wins the market over and over again? It is no other but DJI. With their innovative trends and amazing technology that comes every year in their product. They win the market and manage to sell more drones every year. Many other companies have done their best to make a place like the DJI in the market, but nothing beats them. They’re simply amazing. But like all things have their competitors DJI too has one; it is the Yuneec, DJI’s only real competitor. It is based near its factories and research facilities in China and works very effectively.

Even though the drone industry is not like the smartphone industry, it is evolving at that speed, and it still is growing. Even the kids these days have drones, many people are doing so much more with their drones than just leisure, and soon the industry will flourish even more. Many of us will witness kids glide these objects into the air taking amazing photographs, and it will be amazing.

Drones and Their Future

When talking about how drones evolved, talking of their future is also important. Drones, as we discussed earlier is an industry which is growing rapidly. When something grows so rapidly that it can also be dangerous to people, rules and regulations kick in the way. For drone owners, FAA is a real panic. FAA is the Federal Aviation Authority of the US which manages all the things related to drones, their flying, how they should fly, what or what not they should do. FAA requires registration of your drone with it if it is up to 55 pounds.  It has also set up limits for height above which you cannot go. There are geofenced zones where a drone cannot fly and much more. There are rules for people using drones for commercial purposes and much more. In short, their job is to make things safe for both people as well as the drone owners.

Meanwhile keeping the rules in mind, with drones, people are doing amazing things, some are advertising, others are delivering things, some are watching over crops, others are using it for surveillance. Drones can go to places which are unreachable or unsafe in order to assess the situation or drop off the necessary supplies. Once, drones helped repair the power lines in Puerto Rico after the Hurricane Maria battered the island. They go almost anywhere humans cannot or do not want to go, a drone can easily zip over and look around for you.

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Final Verdict: How Drones Evolved

We hope this article was enough to know how drones evolved and the circumstances that lead to the making of these drones. Drones are an amazing way to enjoy things and also to do productive things with. At first, their importance was only based in the military, but now people are actually taking a lot of interest in them and doing many impossible things with the help of them. They have made life very convenient and easy. The best part about them is that they can come in any shape and size for anyone since there is so many of them in the market right now. The future of drones is even brighter. Even though drones are really fun, one must always be aware of the rules and regulations that come along.

Let us know if you have any queries; we would be happy to help. Also, tell us what drone you own in the comments below.

Until next time, we’re signing off.


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