What Drones Are Compatible With DJI Goggles? (LIST)

What Drones Are Compatible With Dji Goggles

DJI goggles give you a whole new view of your world. These unique viewing devices give you and your friends a view few have witnessed before from the skies above. You may be wondering, however, which drones are compatible with your DJI goggles, so we have checked with the experts to find your answers regarding compatibility and their features.

Drone Model Compatible with DJI Goggles
Mavic 2 Pro YES
Mavic 2 Zoom YES
Mavic Pro YES
Mavic Air YES
Mavic Spark YES
Inspire Series 1 and 2 YES
Phantom 3 Advanced YES
Phantom 4 Series YES
Mavic Mini NO
Non-DJI drones NO

Design of the DJI Goggles

The DJI goggles have been designed to provide you seamless control over your unit with a crystal clear of the area around you.

The drones compatible with DJI goggles include all the newer DJI aircraft models.

These goggles work wirelessly with the Mavic Pro and support all models from the Inspire 2 to the Phantom 3 Advanced.

They will connect through the HDMI port, and when connected through USB, they will give you the same tracking controls as those through Ocusync.

This integrated HDMI input can also provide you with the ability to watch a feed through an external monitor or TV.

Additional Features of the DJI Goggles

If you want sound on your feeds, you simply plug headphones or a pair of external speakers into the onboard headphone jack.

This feature will allow you to playback audio from any video content streamed through HDMI.

You are also able to use an integrated SD card if you want to download videos or images from the drone aircraft.

These goggles are high-quality screens that will give you a stunning 3840×1080 resolution.

This resolution is double the pixel density of standard FPV goggle screens.

The pixels in these goggles are packed so tightly; your images will be free from latticing that affects so many other models of FPV goggles.

Why You Want a Pair of DJI Goggles

Traditionally, FPV goggles give up latency to improve video quality.

The DJI goggles, however, use OcuSync technology, so they do have to compromise on latency.

This patented technology makes it possible for the DJI goggles to receive long-range 720P/60FPS. When the views are in close range, you get a full HD 1080P/30FPS.

This view will give you an incredible and unique flight experience.

The DJI goggles provide you with a full view of 85 degrees per screen.

This view is the same as watching a 216-inch screen when three meters away.

The experience is genuinely going to immerse you. When using these goggles, you are able to share your flight in real-time with your friends and family.

The Ocusync system enables you to connect up to four devices simultaneously, either through their smart devices or goggles.

The view you share or enjoy yourself will be on a stable connection with a full 360 degree of coverage due to the antennas built into your headband.

The DJI goggles allow you to control the camera lens through head tracking. This feature gives you a more immersive flying experience when you control the pitch and pan of your flight.

They are also great for framing shots and give you the ability to track moving subjects more accurately.

When you put a pair of DJI goggles on, you are given a whole new way to control your aircraft. If you use a Fixed-wing mode, it will simulate locking the forward speed of your drone.

DJI goggles will provide you with access to a range of intelligent flight modes.

These modes can easily be accessed with just the tap or swipe on the touchpad located on the right of the goggles.

You can also easily use the 5D button located on the Mavic controller. Other modes you can access include the tripod and terrain modes.

Experience a comfortable fit with the DJI goggles with their rigid band that will distribute the weight evenly around your head.

The band is rigid, yet easily adjusted with a rotating knob to give you maximum comfort to wear for an extended time.

The screen on the DJI goggles includes an interpupillary distance knob giving you the ability to tune the goggles to fit your vision.

You are also able to quickly flip the goggles up to look outside or to detach them entirely and easily carry them with you.

You are going to love the deep layer of immersion you achieve while wearing the DJI goggles.

These unique viewing devices give you and your friends a sensation of real flight.

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Are DJI Goggles Compatible With Mavic Mini

Another common questions asked concerning which drones are compatible with DJI goggles is whether or not they work with the Mavic Mini? At this time, the DJI Mavic Mini is not compatible with the DJI goggles. The Mavic Mini is an entry-level product not being used with brand-new applications.


If you are looking for the best experience with VR goggles, you will find it through it the DJI goggle.

These goggles are one of the best drone accessories on the market as few models will give you a full HD experience with two 1080p panels for both of your eyes.

With the variety of flight modes, you are able to observe or take over control of your flight entirely through the head tracking on your goggles.

When you’re done flying, the whole experience can be re-lived by watching videos of your flight on the comfort of your couch.

The battery life of the DJI goggles is up to six hours, so you have the time to enjoy a flight, a movie, or even some video games before having to recharge.

These goggles are a fantastic option for all your FPV drone flights and can also bump up your experience to the DJI Racing Goggle Editions.

These goggles will give you exceptional high-speed fun. The basic DJI goggles have excellent latency, but the bump on the racing editions is outstanding.

The screen on these incredible viewing devices will give you twice the amount of pixels than any other model on the market today.

With the DJI goggles, you are able to share immersive flying with friends or family and give them an incredible bird’s eye view of the world.

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