[2020 Updated] Build Your Own Drone – The Things You Need

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Drones, as we are now fully aware have caused a massive breakout in the market and people are going crazy for them. The drone industry at this moment is also improving with the passage of time and is being shaped into something better because of the advancements that are coming along the way. The more people take an interest; the more advancements come along the way, it is natural. Even though drones manufactured these days are equipped with the latest technology and style out there they can do things to amaze you and give you the experience of your life. There, however, are always things that are not according to our needs. For this reason, many people prefer to make their very own drones. YES! Your very own customized self-made drone. Here Are the things You need in order to Build Your Own Drone. Stay with us to know more about the right equipment for the drone making process. i.e. Things You need in order to Build Your Own Drone.
If you follow the right steps, you will end up making your very own personal drone successfully, the good thing is the fact that this drone will be made according to your needs and requirements, for the purpose and convenient to the owner. Making your very own drone is also something fun to do, especially when you have free time or want to spend some time doing quality work and something productive. Since following the right steps is crucial. We decided this guide (Things You need in order to Build Your Own Drone) was a necessary one to write.

Below in this guide about the Things, You need in order to Build Your Own Drone, after periods of extensive research and knowledge, we have put together a list of the most important tools you’ll need for building your very own customized drone.

Choosing the Right Frame

The frame of the drone is the entire skeleton of a drone or the design under which a drone resides or stays. It is the entire design of a drone and everything that needs to be in there. Just like there is different types of photo frames made for different shapes of photos to be fitted in. So is the case with drones. You need a proper frame to determine what type of a drone you want. By now, you surely know about different types of drones and that you must choose a frame which is perfectly tailored for your needs.

Here are a few options you might like to take into consideration before gathering Things You need in order to Build Your Own Drone

Build Your Own Drone - DIY Frame Design

     Quadcopter frame: Quadcopter frame is one of the very common and the most versatile frames when it comes to drones and drone making, the quadcopter frame features a total of four arms – each of them with their own respective motor.

     Tricopter frame: The Tricopter frame, though not so common exists in the drone frames, this option for making custom drones frame comes equipped with a total of three arms – each of them with their respective motor.

     Hexacopter frame: The hexacopter frame is an ideal frame for those who are interested in getting really accurate and to the point shots. It features a total of six arms, again with their very own motors.

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Choosing the Right Motor

Before you make a drone, it is best you know that drones are made from a variety of different materials. There is no limit since there are so many, and if you do not know what you need, or do not stay focused on what you need, you may get a little confused. You need to be very focused and careful, then think straight about which motor would suit the best for your customized drone type.

Here are a few examples to make this job easy for you and let you figure things out properly.


Aluminum is quite lightweight and flexible.


Wood seems to be very Ideal for small budgets, and it can also be easily replaced if it gets broken.

PCB (Printed circuit board):

The Printed Circuit Board is extremely similar in design to the fiberglass, PCB is a perfect choice for those drones which are under 600mm in size, as the electrical connections within it mean that the number of parts needed is significantly reduced. You can also design your very own printed circuit board on the Altium Circuitstudio software. Easy enough?

Propellers, Electronic Speed Controllers And Motors

It is best if you know a lot about propellers and have done your research, because when we talk about the propellers or electronic speed controllers as well as the motors, we are talking about the main things which are ultimately going to be the very own foundations of your drone, and therefore these parts need your careful consideration. This is why proper research before purchasing them is necessary, and so is it to remain focused on getting what you want. In any case, if you are not sure when it comes to choosing among the right pieces, we would like to recommend you guys to visit a specialized store for advice. This is totally worth it. You get expert advice, and also you get some direction in case you’re missing out on something.

One should, however, always opt to buy the multi-rotors because multi rotors mainly have the capability of faster speeds, and thus, they are steady when it comes to flying.

For propellers, the metal 9-inch sets are one of the most affordable propellers on the market; they are also promised to last, even when your drone crashes on multiple occasions. Let’s assume it will because drones do crash most of the times.

Finally, in terms of the ESC, you could buy the 4 in 1 controller and save yourself from having to buy four different sets at a time.

Flight controller

To put it very simply, the flight controller is the intelligent part of your drone and analyzes the speed of the motor, as well as for sending those all-important indicators to the ESC on what to do next.


Batteries come in different sizes and an array of shapes, which is exactly why it is crucially important to find out the right size for your model of the drone. Whenever you decide on purchasing a frame, there is usually a suggestion on which size is suitable. Thus there are several aspects to consider when it comes to determining which battery you need, such as the number of cells, the capacity of the cell, as well as the c-rating.

Secondary Things You Will Need to Build Your Own Drone

Battery monitor

Even though the battery monitor is not an elementary item, this monitor is quite useful in warning you whenever the batteries are getting close to finishing or when they are running down. This way, you do not risk having the drone run out of power in the air, over some dangerous place like a pond etc.

Mounting pad

A mounting pad helps one in reducing the vibrations, and thus improves the flight. Mounting pad is very useful, especially if you are trying to take pictures or videos with your very own customized drone.


The controller is in charge of sharing the power; it also commands the motors at the same time.

RC receiver

In case you have a transmitter (which is usually with the case), you will also have a receiver mounted on the drone.


Now if you are someone who wants to take aerial photos and record the surroundings while flying your customized drone, you will need a camera. The best cameras are those that are able to take the quality 4K videos, but everyone will find one according to their needs. For the high-quality photos and videos, you will also be needing a gimbal for the camera. 

USB key: USB is necessary for saving photos and videos.

Aside from the parts mentioned above, you might also need AWG silicone wires, a battery charger, Servo lead wire cables, some zip ties and 3M command strips, and a few thread locking compounds, etc.

In addition to these components, you can also embed some other accessories in your drone and make it much more advanced and stylish.

Benefits of Building Your Own Drone

Building your very own drone can be a fun project to accomplish. Let’s all agree on that. There also are a few other benefits of building your very own drone. We’ve mentioned some of them down below.

     You get to have something that you want, something which is tailored according to your needs, some of you guys may be photographers out there, some may want to explore, and others may want to just fly the drone for fun, some may want it for their kids and so on. This is the reason why having a customized drone can help get what you want.

     You have replaceable parts so each time something happens to a part, or if you want to upgrade, you go with the flow. So easy right?

     If you’re someone wanting to spend some time with your family and gather them to do something customizing a drone would be a good summer project.

     A customized drone that you make yourself saves you money but, that drone you make may be worth a lot of money but you have made it in half the price because again, it is customized by you. You can invest the rest of the money you saved into something else for the drone, let’s say a camera or a ski gear maybe.

     Building your very own drone in front of your eyes means that each and every part you incorporate into this drone is that of high-quality material. You see it before your eyes and then make the purchase, which is why you know what you are using.

     A DIY or customized drone gives you higher payload options, not many of us here want to have drones with a little weight to carry around, some of us want to build a drone which can withstand many weights and this is exactly why building your own drone is important.

     The batteries you swap to your drones are extremely cheap. Why? Because they are easily available batteries and not branded, i.e. made for a specific brand.

     You can install 360-degree gimbals to get perfect shots. Only high-end drones have those gimbals.

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Final Verdict: Build Your Own Drone

Building your own drone is an extremely fun and inspiring thing to do whether you need to do it or if you are simply free. It not only gives you something productive to do but you also target your energy into something fruitful, which is very important. This was all about our article on Things You need in order to Build Your Own Drone. We hope this guide was informative for you and you learned a lot from it.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments bar below. We’d be happy to answer. Also, tell us if you will ever consider trying to make your own drone?

Until next time, with another article, off we go!

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